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Ministry of hajj and umrah pakistan

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The Ministry of Religious Affairs is a government agency of Pakistan in charge of religious issues, for example, journey outside Pakistan, particularly to Saudi Arabia for Umrah and Hajj. It is likewise in charge of the welfare and wellbeing of travelers. The office has its home office in Islamabad.

So as to build up every one of the offices expected to serve pioneers, the Ministry looks to accomplish a full range of destinations, principally

  • Delivering high-quality services for the benefit of pilgrims.
  • Using cutting edge technology to develop professions of guidance, brokerage, representation, and internal pilgrimage.
  • Offering hajj services with much ease and convenience th rough the use of human efforts and highly sophisticated technology.
  • Improving staff skills on the ground to ensure that high-quality services are delivered to the pilgrims and Umrah performers by the use of effective and excellent training programs.​
  • Putting in place the slogan (serving pilgrims is an honor, honesty and responsibility).
  • Coordinating with all relevant stakeholders to make the rituals of Hajj​ and Umrah easier.
  • Acting in accordance with the values and teachings of tolerant Islamic faith to deliver a full range of high-class services.

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