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Umrah Visa After Ramadan

Makkah Millennium Towers

Umrah visas are not issued after Ramadan. Pilgrims who go to visit during Ramadan must leave the country when Ramadan ends and cannot overstay this time. Basically, you have to leave on Eid or shortly a day or two after Eid Al Fitr. Individuals dependably inquire as to whether they can remain longer than Eid […]

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Minimum days for Umrah

How long is umrah? what is the minimum days for umrah? the questions asked by more than 1000 muslims. World is moving really fast. Today poeple wants to perform umrah. But they don’t have time. To get ready for umrah you must haveumrah VISA.Flight tickets.Hotel booking. Performing umrah It will take only 1 hour for […]

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